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An open house to get the word out led to regular hours thanks to Charles's sticky bun cinnamon rolls. Then a booth at the Albion Fair was so successful it led up the purchase of the Albion location to which we added coffee and sandwiches and later nightly dinner specials. Realizing we were limited due to size and lack of seating we talked about expanding. We thought it was just going to be in Albion, but when friends mentioned the location in Fairview our interest was peeked; and 3 years after that open house in East Springfield and two years after opening in Albion we opened Fairview in November of 2013 and we are excited to be apart of the community. We want you to feel like you just visited our home instead of just another restaurant. 

Call us when it's time to celebrate!

Open Monday through Saturday: 6 AM - 9 PM
  7403 W Ridge Road Fairview, PA 814-474-4555

We accept the following:
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